The New Year is just around the corner and you might be looking for something a little fresh and new for your wedding. The biggest trend of 2020 is couples making sure their wedding is unique and specially catered to themselves. This means sentimental colors, memorable centerpieces, and anything that reflects on the couples.
Here are some of our favorite new 2020 trends.

1. Micro Weddings
A micro wedding is a wedding that is really small, like 40 guest or less. Think of it like an exclusive party but the budget for each guest is higher. This could include elaborate meals, personal touches, and a lot of personalized gifts.

2. Inclusive Menus
This year couples are looking at their guest and making sure their menu includes everyone needs. This means vegetarians, gluten-free, and allergy friendly. Couples are being more considerate of their guests and offering a variety of food at their weddings, that even includes non-alcoholic drinks.

3. Beautiful Hues
Of course, we need to mention color. Colors like neo mint, cassis, soft purples, yellows, and rich earthy tones are making a splash this year. Really shock guest with faded denim, which is a blue that is fresh and serene that guest aren’t use to seeing.

4. Edible Flowers
Florals are making waves this year and we can see why. Adding them to ice cubs, salads, or a dessert is a great way to liven something up and make it colorful. Edible flowers can really elevate your wedding look and guest will love the romantic touch.

5. Barrettes and Combs
Hair accessories like barrettes and combs have been making a comeback lately, so add them to your wedding hair. It’s a great way to add a little sparkly and glam to your look. Plus they can do double duty and hold back some of your hair.

6. Magic
In 2019 we saw the trend start and it is continuing into 2020. Magic and mysticism themes are going to be popping in 2020. Expect to see crystals, aura photo booths and sage at some of the weddings your attend since the couple might be getting into their spiritual side.

7. Sustainable Wedding
Sustainability has been growing in popularity and It’s come full circle to weddings. Couples are upcycling their weddings and trying to commit to zero waste and reducing their carbon footprint. Expect to see heirloom wedding rings, repurposing ceremony flowers, and sourcing locally grown food.

8. Do it Yourself Drinks
Couples are making their receptions a little less fancy and more chill. That includes self-serve and do it yourself drinks. You might see wall mounted dispensers filled with booze or a make your own cocktail station.

9. Cheese
We are used to seeing sweets at weddings, but what about something on the savory side? Wheels of cheese, crackers, nuts and fruits are making a splash at weddings. Ever lux charcuterie boards are being popped around so guest can have something to nibble on all night.

10. Charitable Donations
Couples are focusing less on themselves and looking to give back. Couples are nixing party favors and instead asking guest to make a donation to a charity that means something to the couple.

11. Interactive Eating
Culinary moments are having their time in 2020. Look out for food that will have an added flair to it. Fusion cuisine like Mexican ravioli, pastrami egg rolls, or breakfast dumplings might be around to snack on.

12. Amenity Basket
The extraness of 2020 will be tarot card readers, magician, or champagne stations because we all need that perfect IG moment. Don’t be surprised if couples add this little extra touch that is unique to them to their wedding.

There you have it. 12 awesome wedding trends that you can expect to see in 2020. Some of these trends are on the more traditional side, while some are a little wild. What is your favorite?

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