Besides picking the perfect dress, your wedding beauty routine could be one of the hardest things to decide. What you choose to do with your hair will always be seen in photos and memories from your special day. Regardless of what length of hair you have, we have some fantastic ideas for your wedding hairstyle that will help ease the process of deciding and make your life a little simpler.

Read on to get 30 great looks for your wedding day hair and hopefully get inspired a little.

1. Hollywood Waves
Go simple with your style and choose these Hollywood waves. It creates a sleek style with minimal effort.

2. Classic Knot
A classic knot at the nape of your neck might be perfect for your wedding. Pair your style with a cute accessory to tie everything together.

3. Twist
Step outside the box with this gorgeous twisted and textured look. Add a little baby’s breath to draw some attention to your hair and people will be stunned at your beautiful hair.

4. Braid
Opt for a huge braid on your wedding day to get a beautiful style but also make your hair to easy to maintain throughout the night.

5. Classic Chiffon
The classic chiffon is a stunning hairstyle and goes perfect with any wedding and wedding dress.

6. Braid into Bun
Channel two amazing wedding looks with a side braid that easily flows into a stunning bun.

7. Flowers
Really step out of the box and create a masterpiece with your hair. Add texture throughout it and create fun roses throughout your hair.

8. Voluminous Bun
Get great volume and texture with your wedding day hairstyle and add a low bun to finish the look off.

9. Flower Crown
Keep your hairstyle simple and add a flower crown to be a main center point of your style.

10. Twisted Bun
Twisting the front of your hair towards the back of your head and adding it to a low bun is a great style that is easy and keeps your hair out of your face.

11. Curled Updo
If you love curly hair, try out this curly updo that is pinned in the back to create a gorgeous look.

12. Simple Curl
Adding a slight wave to your hair and pinning so pieces back gives you an effortless and beautiful wedding day hairstyle.

13. Rapunzel Braid
Give your hair a Rapunzel braid with a lot of texture and a few accessories to tie everything together.

14. Stunning Updo
Create this stunning updo that will keep your hair back and styled for your wedding. Pair it with a classic accessory to complete the look.

15. Messy Knot
Some people love the messy look and if you do too, try out this messy low knot paired with a broach.

16. Half Up
If you can’t decide between an updo or keeping your hair down, go for a nice in between.

17. Curled Bun
Add a lot of texture to your bun by curling it before tying it back.

18. Low Ponytail
Keep your ponytail classy by opting for a lower version with a lot of curls and a nice accessory.

19. Short Twist
If you have shorter hair don’t worry you can still have a stunning style. Try out this simple twist with a lot of curls.

20. Loose Waves
Go for a loose wave style that leaves your hair looking beautiful. Did a little accessory for the added bling.

21. Twisted Waves
Let your curls shine on your wedding day and pair them with a stunning accessory.

22. Tucked Braid
Create a beautiful braided style that is unique and special on your wedding day.

23. Braided Updo
Try out this stunning look for a gorgeous wedding day look.

24. Side Knot
Go for a different approach on your knot and try it out on the side.

25. Dutch Waterfall Braid
A Dutch braid that cascades into a waterfall braid is a beautiful look to do on your wedding day.

26. Simple Ponytail
If you want to keep your hair simple, try for a low and elegant ponytail.

27. Stunning High Bun
Go outside of the mold with this stunning high bun that has a lot of texture.

28. Unique Low Bun
A low bun is a classic wedding style but put a different spin on yours.

29. Fishtail Braid
Work your hair into a gorgeous fishtail braid to keep it back and tidy during your wedding.

30. Tiny Twist
Add a small twist to the back of your hair and curl the rest. Our guest will be stunned with your beautiful look.

As you can see there are a variety of options you can choose from when it comes to a wedding day hairstyle. Find one that works well for your look and add your own unique twist on it.

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