Wedding favors are a little gift from you to the guest who were kind enough to attend your wedding. These little favors can be on theme with your wedding, or something that is more personal and from the heart. Regardless of what you decide to give as a wedding favor, we all know these little treats can cost a pretty penny. Instead of wasting a ton of money on a wedding favor, why not try and DIY yours?

By making your own wedding favors your showing your guest just how crafty you are and how special the day is for you. These favors don’t have to be anything elaborate or fancy, just something sweet and special. Here are a few great ideas on DIY wedding favors that your bridal party or groom can sit down and help you create in no time.

Succulent Planter

Succulents have been popular as a wedding favor for guest and it’s a great DIY favor. You can easily create your own little planter and pick out your favorite succulents to go in them.

Mini Doughnuts

If you’re a pro in the kitchen, whip up a sweet treat for your guest. These mini doughnuts are simple to make and all you need is a small container to put them in.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are another sweet item you can send your guest away with. It’s easy to make cake pops in big batches and you can decorate them with your wedding colors.

Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are easy to create, and you can fill them with almost anything. They can be purchases in bulk from outlets like Amazon and they aren’t overly expensive.


Brew your favorite tea and package it in a beautiful clear bottle with a nice label. You guest can get all the hydration they need the following day from it.

Hangover Kits

Be the joke of the party with these cute and fun hangover kits. They are simple to make, and your guest will love your sense of humor.


Everyone loves a little sweet bite on the way home from a wedding. Send your guest off with some homemade cookies that are delicious but also made with love.

Smores Kit

Smores kits are a popular wedding favor as well because they are easy to make. Grab some ingredients and fill a clear bag and that’s it!

Dipped Pretzels

Dipped pretzels are a great treat for wedding guest and simple to make. If you’re crafty you can even decorate them yourself.

Olive Oil

Custom olive oil is a brilliant favor to give away and not that hard to customize yourself.


Mints are a great favor to buy in bulk and package anyway you want. Your guest will love the idea of having fresh breath whenever they need it.


Now stick with us on this but soap is a super simple wedding favor to DIY. You can create whatever scent you want and pick a color then all you need to do is wrap a label around it and call it complete.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Guests are always going to need spices to spice up their meal so they’ll love this easy pink salt favor.

Loose Tea

Loose tea is a simple favor that your guest will love to have. Find a cute jar to package it in and you’re finished.

Chocolate Hearts

Show the love with a simple chocolate heart favor. You can buy the candy in bulk and then package it according to your wedding theme.


Show your baking side by sending guest home with a homemade jam made by you.

Snitch Chocolate

Having a Harry Potter or magical themed wedding? Create your own gold snitch out of chocolate and watch your guest be in awe of your creation.

Doughnut Tower

Guest will love being able to grab a doughnut and snack on them during your wedding. It is a simple and easy favor that needs no work on your end.

Mini Cactus

Cactus are another great plant gift that are simple to create, and your guest will cherish forever.

Dessert Bar

Sure, your guest can take something home by why not give them the gift of more food, like a dessert bar!

Dog Treats

Maybe the favors don’t need to be for guest but for the furry friends they left at home.


Your guest will love this little extra drink that is easy to create and give out.


Bubble are fun to give away plus at the end of your wedding your guest can send you away in a sea of bubbles.


Grab a load of your favorite seeds and give them away at your wedding. Your guest can get their gardening on and maybe find a new hobby they love.


Get out the family cookbook and create your own delicious salsa for your guest to enjoy.

Mini Pumpkin Pie

These mini pumpkin pies are great for a fall or winter wedding and your guest will devour them before even leaving your wedding.

Bath Salt

Grab some Epsom salt and essential oils to create your own personal wedding bath salt.

Cotton Candy

Mini packaged cotton candy is a fun and unique wedding favor to send guest off with.


Candles are easy to create and serve are a great favor for your wedding guest.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is a great gift to make and hand off as a wedding favor. You can make your own unique scent and guest will love the special favor.

As you can tell there are a lot of ideas when it comes to DIY wedding favors. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to give your wedding guest something special and show your gratitude for them attending your wedding.

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