Bridal shower etiquette might not seem like a thing, but it is. There’s a lot that goes into a bridal shower, down to who plans it and who do you invite. If you have issues planning, make a guest list, and are a little lost when it comes to your bridal shower, don’t worry. We’ve answered some of the top burning questions when it comes to bridal shower etiquette to make your day a little easier.

Read on to learn the best ways to throw a bridal shower.

Who throws the bridal shower?

So, who is exactly in charge of your bridal shower? Your mom or sister? Maybe the maid of honor? Typically, the bridal shower is thrown by the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride or groom, or a close female relative. The most important thing to do is communicate with the women in your life to ensure the host knows that they’re responsible for your shower. There also is no issue having your mom and maid of honor hosting it together; it will only make their job a little more comfortable with more help.

Who do you invite?

There is a lot of pre-wedding events that happen before your wedding, and when it comes to your bridal shower, the best decision is keeping it low key and only inviting the essential women. Always include the bridal party, mothers and sisters of the bride and groom, aunts, close female cousins, and grandmothers. Close female friends can also be invited, and the host should work together on the guest list that will make the bride happy. If you’re unsure of who to invite, ask the bride and keep the rest of the details secret.

Where should the shower be held?

For some, location can be necessary for a bridal shower. You don’t want your guest sardines into a small room and uncomfortable, but you want the space to be small enough that is homely. The location depends on the budget and the type of shower you’re throwing. You can use a family member or friend’s house/backyard, a local restaurant, or depending on the theme, a more specific location like a cooking school or a wine room.

When should the bridal shower happen?

Bridal showers have a wide date range and depend on the availability of the bride and host. Typically, it is held anywhere from three months to two weeks before the wedding. You want to choose a date that is, hopefully, convenient for the bride and the guest. You can even piggyback the shower with the bachelorette party if it works better for some of the guests.

When do I mail invitations?

Standard lead time for invitations is four to six weeks before the shower. You can do this by either postal or the more popular option right now, email. Make sure the bride’s name is included, the date, time, and location. You can also add registry information, RSVP information, and names of people hosting. To make the bride’s life a little easier, you can even include her sizing for anyone planning on buying her clothes.

How does a bridal shower work?

Bridal showers are like other parties, food, drinks, a few games, and gift opening. There are a lot of traditional bridal shower games you can play, or you can become creative and do your own thing. Some brides might be uncomfortable opening gifts in front of everyone, so get the bride’s fiancé involved by having him stop by and grab them at the end. It will make her day and surprise everyone.

Should I do a theme?

A theme is entirely up to you and the bride. Not all bridal showers are themed, but maybe you or the bride have a specific idea in mind and want to stick to it. If that’s the case, you can do themed favors, food, and drinks. Talk with the bride and see what ideas she loves, like a Disney themed shower or a tea party.

Does the bride need to register for the shower?

This once again depends on the bride. She doesn’t need to, but it could make guest lives a little easier if they had something to follow. If the bride is too busy to make one, use her wedding registry instead, it would just as well. If lingerie is involved, you might want to encourage a separate registry so the bride can choose exactly what she loves.

A bridal shower is a beautiful pre-celebration to honor the bride. It’s an excellent time for the guest to shower the bride in love and gifts and have everyone have a relaxing time before it gets hectic with the wedding. If you’re ever in doubt, ask the bride, so will love to help where she can.

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