Girls dream their whole life of their engagement ring and wedding. The engagement ring is the first process to any wedding and getting the right ring for your person is important. Engagement ring trends are changing all the time. For a bit princess cut was big and now people are all about the halo ring.

No matter what your style of ring is, we all want something that is dazzling and stunning. Let’s take a look at the top trending engagement rings today and maybe one will speak to you.

The Halo Pear

Pear shaped engagement rings have been making a splash recently. Their unique design is both old fashion and romantic. The halo around the pear only adds to the ring and is the perfect accent.

Classic Heart

A heart shaped engagement ring will never go out of style. The look is romantic and charming, and anybody would be thrilled to wear a heart of their hand forever.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut rings are a statement piece. The design needs nothing more then the center stone of really makes the entire ring.

Simple Band

The newest trend is an engagement band. The band is filled with diamonds and just as stunning as any stone engagement ring.

Precious Stones

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but a precious stone is just as great for an engagement ring. A precious middle stone shows off the person’s style and is unique in their own fashion.

Pear Shaped

Pear shaped even without a halo setting is still as popular as ever. The unique design is stunning and really makes a statement.


Peachy pink is the gorgeous color a morganite gives off, so why wouldn’t you choose it for an engagement ring? Morganites are growing in popularity when it comes to engagement rings and we can see why.

Unique Designs

Classic designs are being bypassed for a more unique and customized design, like this gorgeous flower.

Pink Tourmaline

Crystals and precious stones are pushing diamonds aside and this pink tourmaline is all the proof you need. The stunning pink stone if romantic and perfect for anybody who loves the color pink and a minimal look.

Cubic Zirconia

It looks like a diamond, but it actually isn’t. Cubic zirconia is a better price then diamonds but looks just as good.

Classic Oval

Oval engagement rings are classic and timeless. The design is stunning and fits beautifully on one’s hand.


A solitaire ring means just the stone and band. The ring is beautiful and simple, perfect for a minimal bride or someone who isn’t all about the bling.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds have been popping up recently and the gorgeous stone is perfect for any extra bride. The yellow diamond sparkles just as much as a normal diamond but it a little more unique.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Go completely off the grid with this custom diamond and sapphire ring. The band and settings are both distinctive and beautiful.


The warm glow of a stone is brilliant for an engagement ring. A moonstone is supposed to give comfort and assurance, perfect for a wedding about to happen.


Rare designs are coming in for engagement rings. The not your typical ring is making an appearance everywhere and it is great for a bride who aspires to be a little different.

Trilogy Emerald Cut

A trilogy emerald cut ring is another classic and timeless piece. The setting is gorgeous and creates a romantic feeling for the engagement ring.

Cushioned Halo

The cushioned halo has been a popular engagement ring choice recently. The setting is beautiful, and the halo gives a gorgeous look to the ring in general.

Unique Pear

Like we said, pear shaped is in but you don’t have to fit the mold with it. This unique halo and pear design are great piece for your not so typical bride.

Double Band

Sometimes it isn’t about the stone but instead the ring shape. This double band ring designed has been increasingly popular and looks stunning on anyone.

Princess Cut

Princess cut just recently became popular, but the cut is literally made for a princess. With or without a halo effect, a princess cut ring is one of the most popular rings today.

Simple Round

A simple round engagement ring is beautiful and simple. It is the perfect accent to any wedding band and looks stunning with a diamond band finish.

Vintage Ring

People love vintage rings and this one if a stunner. With a round middle stone to a tear drop setting, any bride would love this design.

Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement rings have been making a scene this year. The pretty gold and pink color have brides leaving the traditional white gold for something a little more fun.

Twisted Band

A twist band has put a unique twist of your typical band and brides have been loving it.


Engagements rings today are becoming more fun and distinctive. Try out a fun middle stone color paired with a rose gold band for a beautiful flow.

Stand Alone Diamond

Some brides love the stand-alone diamond look. Just a beautiful diamond on a simple band.

Round Halo

A halo setting only helps accent the engagement ring more. Try out this classic rounded halo and see how much you love it.

Channel Setting

A channel setting is one of a kind and stunning. It has a simple but also super fun look.

Marquise Cut

Not a lot of people choose a marquise cut but they should. The setting is beautiful and distinctive.

As you can see, there are a lot of options and trends when it comes to your engagement ring. Regardless if what others think, go with something unique and fun that will match your own personal style. You will cherish it forever if you pick it from the heart.

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