With fall slowly approaching, it is time to start thinking about the type of flowers you might want to walk down the aisle with. Summer is fading away, we are beginning to see a rise if vibrant colors when it comes to fall flowers. Whites and soft greenery are making a big splash this season, as well as, smaller boutiques.

Local florist and farmers are about to have their time to shine since brides are choosing a local source for their florist instead of a major brand. In saying that, be prepared to see some unique arrangements at your next wedding, because these florists are fun and unique.

Having trouble trying to choose just the right boutique for yourself? Get a little inspiration from these 20 trendy fall wedding flowers and find all the help you need.

1. Fall to Winter Wedding
If you’re on the cusps of winter but still hanging onto fall, this beautiful arrangement is for you. It features darker red flowers but still stays bright and fun with whites, light pinks and yellows. The additional greenery helps bring the arrangement to life and gives it the fall vibe.


2. Romantic Roses
Go for a more romantic feel with this beautiful boutique. With a mixture of light pink roses, soft pink flowers, and giant white pieces thrown into the mix, you can’t go wrong. To add to the beauty is sprigs of greenery and eucalypts to give it the finishing touches.


3. Sunflower Dream
Sunflowers aren’t only for summer. Add sunflowers throughout your lovely arrangement with a mixture of purples and yellow bulbs to give it drama. With the ample amount of greenery, you’re getting a great mixture of fall and rustic for your wedding.


4. Color Pop
The mixture of colors throughout this boutique screams nothing but fall and beautiful. The combination of reds, purples, soft pinks, and tangerines will leave your feeling romantic on your wedding day.


5. Minimal Arrangement
If you’re not a fan of a huge boutique, go for this more minimal approach. The bigger white flowers help fill up space, and the pops of purple draw your eyes to the center of the arrangement. Add a few springs of greenery for color, and you have a beautiful arrangement.


6. Pure White
White is on trend for Fall 2019 and so why not do a full white boutique. A full white boutique is stunning but almost minimal. The greenery surrounding the flowers give it a bigger fall feel and a nice texture.


7. Timeless Boutique
You’ll be feeling timeless with this gorgeous boutique. The mixture of reds, oranges, and soft pinks will have all your guest gasping at your beautiful arrangement.


8. Whimsical Dream
With a mixture of dahlias and zinnias, this boutique is whimsical and sunny. Thrown into the mix for texture is a little pepper berry, and the mixture of colors will instantly draw your guests’ eyes to you.


9. Autumn Vibes
This boutique screams autumn in more ways than one. Embrace the weather change with a gorgeous combination of orange, reds, and pinks to get the cooler weather vibe. Add a few larger flowers, twigs, and greenery for dimension.


10. Burgundy Feels
Burgundy is a great fall color to use during your wedding. It isn’t bright and shocking like a normal red, but it isn’t too deep and dark. Pick out some gorgeous spider mums for texture, throw a little yellow in the mix for a lighter shade, and enjoy your burgundy arrangement.


11. Artichoke Masterpiece
Be a little different with your fall flowers and throw and artichoke in there for dimension, texture and to stir is up a bit. The mixture of peaches and dark purples will instantly remind people of fall, plus all the texture will add a little drama to your boutique.


12. Soft Yellow
Not all fall boutiques need to be deep, dark, and red. This soft yellow boutique with a few light pink and white accents is a beautiful choice for your boutique.


13. Pink Imagination
Let your pink dreams run wild with this stunning boutique. Get a mixture of beautiful flowers in your favorite pink color, pop a second color in for some detail, and finish off with longer sprigs of greenery.


14. Rust Palette
Rust is a great fall color to choose and palette for your flowers. Go with orange and red colors and add a lot of greenery to liven the boutique up.


15. Fall Leaves
Welcome fall into your boutique by adding a few falls leaves into the mix. The beautiful color change in the leaves will pair perfectly with your orange, red, and pink flowers, and guest will be shocked at your unique boutique.


16. Sweet Corals
This sweet coral boutique is a soft pink and orange lover’s dream. Mixed with greens, berries, and spikes, the boutique has a lot of texture and even a few hidden succulents.


17. Rustic Tulips
Tulips are a great flower to add to your wedding boutique. They are big, gorgeous, and come in an array of beautiful colors. Pair them with a lot of greenery that has texture and dimension, plus some smaller flowers to give your boutique a nice shape.


18. Apples
Nothing screams fall more than apples, so throw them into your boutique. This boutique features more greenery, twigs, and apples then flowers. Perfect for a unique fall bride.


19. Anemone Beauty
Anemones are a beautiful and common flower to use in a wedding boutique, pick yours in a lovely white or red color to complete your boutique. Don’t forget the eucalyptus.


20. Bold Color
Even in the fall, you can go with a bold color that shows your wedding version. These bold purples, vibrant yellows, and soft pinks are perfect for a fall wedding.


As you can see, you can’t go wrong choosing your wedding boutique in fall. Deep burgundies, soft corals, and yellows are always a popular choice, but you can put your spin on it with purples and whites. Change it up a bit by adding an apple or artichoke for texture and a little fun.

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