Wedding dresses are essential for your big day. Regardless if you’re going for the full bridal experience with a big ball gown or keeping it low key with a little lacey dress, your wedding dress is essential. So, finding that dress may be a bit more comfortable with the help of the internet. Today, there are a wide variety of companies that are opting out of your traditional in-store wedding dress try on and instead of shipping dresses for you to choose from. This makes the process easier, less time consuming, and more comfortable for some brides.

Let’s say you on the opposite end of that and had the wedding of your dreams, but you know your wedding dress is done with you and it’s time to pass it on. There are loads of companies around that help you sell your clothing for a reasonable price to someone else who wants to love it and look stunning of their big day.

Here are the best places you can buy or sell your wedding dress online.

Nearly Newlywed

On Nearly Newlywed you create an account to sell your dress which takes less than five minutes. The site is looking to sell dress over $500, but sometimes they will go lower than that price. Once your account is set up, you upload photos of your dress and describe it to the best of your ability.

Once you’re finished there is a one-time fee of $25 you have to pay and then their team will review your dress within 48-hours. If the dress is approved for sale, then they list it on their marketplace, and you’re notified once it sells. If the dress does sell Nearly Newlywed takes 40% of your commission from the dress.

Still White

At Still White, you can buy or sell your wedding gown. To sell you have to join their standard ($20) or Premium ($30) membership where you list your dress to sell. Each membership has its benefits like zero commission, numbers of photos, and homepage gallery to give you the best chance at being sold.

Your dress will go live for a duration, it’s your decision when you pay, and if it does not sell, you do have the option to re-list for a greater chance of success. Everything from communication to payment is done through the site.

If you decide to buy a dress through Still White, they provide you with tracking and shipping cost for your dress and promise a moneyback guarantee if it isn’t how it is described, damaged, or something else is wrong with it. If you buy a dress from Still White and don’t like the look of it on, you cannot return it to the owner.


Poshmark is a great place to sell or buy a wedding dress, especially if you’re looking for something that has a designer label. When selling, high-quality photos are essential here. There are a lot of professional sellers on Poshmark that know what they’re doing, so try to stand out a little and make sure your photos are clear and perfect.

There is no fee to join or list on Poshmark, and they give you the option to list color, material, and what designer the dress is from. You also get the opportunity to price the dress at whatever you want, and there is a flat 20% commission fee if you sell it. Do be aware there are a lot of scammers on Poshmark, so if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

If you want to buy a dress, Poshmark is another excellent option. You can search via designer, style of dress, or color. Poshmark has your back when it comes to shipping and payment, everything is done through the app, and if you’re not happy with your dress, you can talk to their customer service team to see if a return is possible.

Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee is a classified page, think of Craigslist, that is solely dedicated to a wedding dress. There is no fee to list or sell and is an excellent option for buying or selling a wedding dress. If you decide to sell, you make a catchy title to get buyers attention and add a photo. There potential buyers can ask questions and discuss pricing with you.

If you want to buy, you can browse the listings from apparel to décor to miscellaneous. Each seller has a “trust score” that you can view, and you can easily see the seller replies to other potential buyers. The chat subject also shows how many times the buyer has posted. This is similar to craigslist, so payment and shipping do go between you and the buyer with no protection, so use at your own risk.

Once Wed

Once Wed will help you sell your wedding dress fast and quickly. For a dress, you pay a $20 fee, and that’s it, no commission. Once your account is done, and photos are uploaded, the dress will appear of the site’s marketplace for other potential brides to see. The site is also great for selling bridesmaid dress, mother in law dress, and more.

If you want to buy, you can browse the site and favorite dresses you like. They will save the dress to your account so you can view it at a later time, and you can send links to dress you like to friends and family as well. You can email the seller if you have questions or if you’re interested in buying a dress.

Facebook Marketplace

As odd as it sounds, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy or sell a dress. You’re in control of your dress and don’t have to pay any time of fees for listing your dress. You talk to a buyer yourself, and Facebook stays out of it.

The same goes if you’re buying a dress, you speak directly with the seller and can decide to meet up to try the dress on or get it shipped out to you. Once again, like other sites, there is no protection between Facebook and the sellers here, so buy is your own risk.

These are just a few excellent sites you can use to buy or sell your dress online. You can also stop by local consignment stores to try and sell or purchase a dress as well if that is more your style. Buying pre-owned dresses are also in right now since it can save a bride a lot of money and stress compared to going to a store and spending thousands of dollars on a new dress.

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