Your wedding cake is one of the main focuses on your reception. Your cake reflects your personal style and exactly what you and your partner love. Deciding exactly what wedding cake you want is a big decision. That’s where we come in, here are thirty stunning wedding cakes that are perfect for your wedding.

1. Floral Dreams
If your wedding has a floral vibe to is, try out this gorgeous floral cake. The speckles of gold are eye catching and the sugar florals are not only beautiful but also editable.

2. Naked Cake
Naked cakes have increasingly become more popular. The cake is just crumb coated with a little addition of florals and that’s it. A naked cake is perfect for a minimal wedding or someone who doesn’t want all the attention on the cake.

3. Simple White
White is a staple at most weddings, so why not incorporate it into your cake. This pure white ruffle cake is perfect for any wedding and looks gorgeous.

4. Fall Vibes
If your wedding takes place in the fall, a cake filled with leaves, pumpkins, and greenery is perfect to tie everything together.

5. Rustic Wedding Cake
A rustic wedding is stunning, so why not get a cake to match. This rustic cake looks like a tree but is completely editable.

6. Marble and Gold
If you want to go a simpler route, try out this marble and gold cake. The gold is appealing to the eye, but the marble gives it a simple touch. Add a touch of your weddings colors if you want to the frosting for a finishing touch.

7. Single Tier
Weddings typically have big cakes, but that doesn’t mean you need one. Go for a single layer cake with a stunning flower crown.

8. Drip Cake
Drip cakes look awesome and allow you the opportunity to top them anyway you see fit. Be a little extra on your wedding day with a drip cake topped with all your favorite goodies.

9. Gold Leaf
Adding touches of gold to your cake it beautiful and really makes the entire cake. Try it on your cake and add a few macarons for fun.

10. Glam Cake
If you want all heads turning towards you cake, try out this glam cake. The cake is decorated with gold strips and a few accent flowers.

11. Two Tone Cake
This cake combines two beautiful colors, a little gold, and matching flowers to the wedding.–aerArQB/

12. Contemporary Cake
Go a little outside the box with this contemporary cake. It’s artistic and has an element of greenery that ties the entire thing together.

13. Rose Cake
If you’re wedding has a romantic feeling, go for this rose cake that has a romantic feeling. Do a second layer with pearls and a single layer that is simple and plain.

14. Beach Cake
This simple and small cake is perfect for any beach wedding. Go for a textured cake, topped with beautiful flowers that help represent your wedding.

15. Ruffle Cake
Be a little extra on your wedding day with this gold ruffle cake. The design will instantly turn heads and you can add some dried flowers for a finishing touch.

16. Ombre Cake
Show your wedding colors off on your cake with this beautiful ombre design. Add a few flowers for a classic touch and you’re done.

17. Bundt Cake
Bundt cakes are not only a cool design but a great option as a wedding cake. Get your favorite flavor and drip frosting all over it.

18. Floral Sash
Keep your cake simple and add an elegant floral sash to your cake. The florals will draw attention to your cake and show off your wedding colors.

19. Painted Cake
Go for a unique design by painting a picture on your cake. Top your cake with some big flowers and guest will love what they see.

20. Blue Feeling
If you’re wedding colors are navy and you want to incorporate it in a big way, then add it to your cake. With simple details like color frosting and white flowers, your cake will look amazing.

21. Marble Cake
A full marble design on a wedding cake is beautiful and won’t take any attention off you during your wedding.

22. Bright Colors
If you like the naked cake look but want a little more of something, go for a colored frosting to really show off your unique style.

23. Unique Design
Go for a unique style, like this pink marbled cake that is just a little off center.

24. Upside Down
Really stun your wedding guest with this upside-down cake. Not only is the cake upside down but it will also be suspended.

25. Rose Gold
Add a touch of rose gold to your cake for a stunning look and a unique feature.

26. Glitter
Adding texture to your cake is a great idea but catch everyone’s eyes a little more with some glitter or rhinestones added on.

27. Bow
Keep your cake simple and classic with one simple color. Finish it off with a gorgeous bow in the same color to tie it all together.

28. Geometric Cake
Geometric designs have been making waves in the wedding scene recently. Jump on board with a cool geometric design on your cake.

29. Fruit Cake
Not that type of fruit cake. Go the naked cake route but instead of topping it with flowers, go with some of your favorite fruits. It will get it a fun design and color.

30. Shapes
Go for two different shapes on your wedding cake that. A circle shape is traditional but change it up and have fun with a square design as well .

As you can see, there are a variety of different options you can go with when it comes to wedding cakes. Find your favorite and have a beautiful and delicious cake on your wedding day.

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