Don’t be surprised to see classic wedding themes disappearing in 2019 since couples are beginning to create their own wedding styles. Couples are now looking at ways to make their centerpieces versatile but also budget-friendly and matching their aesthetics. Centerpieces can be DIY and straightforward or elaborate and a great gift to give someone after your wedding, which can make deciding what to do difficult.

Take a look at some of the most popular centerpieces that are currently trending. You might find some inspiration for your own wedding or find something that will match your aesthetic

1. Tall Flowers
This centerpiece is simple but also elegant. Guests can easily find their seats due to the oversized flower arrangement, but due to the size of the arrangement, you won’t need to add anything else to your tables for decoration.

2. Terrariums
Terrariums are great centerpieces since they come in a variety of sizes and you can plant flowers or succulents in them. The shape makes them unique, but they are still simple and gorgeous. You can even give them away at the end of your wedding.

3. Waffle Cones
Looking to be environmentally friendly and budget-friendly? Use waffle cones to liven up your centerpieces and put a fun twist on your wedding. They look cute, especially when you add some flowers to them.

4. Floating Candles
Floating candles are a classic wedding centerpiece. They give a romantic feel to the table and are easy to set up. If you want to add a little more, throw some rose petals down to complete the look.

5. Lanterns
Lanterns are a gorgeous centerpiece, especially when you add flowers spilling out of them. They are big enough to draw attention to the center of your table, but not too big to be overwhelming.

6. Tree Trunks
Tree trunks have been trending lately with wedding centerpieces. It is a great accent to put your centerpieces on and give the wedding a bit of a rustic feeling.

7. Hexagon Fun
A hexagon centerpiece is fun and shows a lot of creativity on the couple’s part. You can add some flowers into the design for a pop of color or leave it bare depending on what aesthetic you have.

8. Hoop Center
Hoops have become increasingly popular over the last year, and we can see why. This cool design has a bit of flower for a fresh look, but the design is open and unique, great for centerpieces.

9. Rustic Charm
Wooden pillars with candles and a bit of pine are great for rustic weddings or weddings set in the wintertime. The centerpiece is minimal and simple but still looks elegant and romantic.

10. Christmas Centerpiece
Getting married during holiday time? Opt for this gorgeous arrangement that is filled with pine and Christmas ornaments. Your guest will be feeling the holiday spirit.

11. Geode and Succulents
Succulents have been popular over the last year with weddings, they’re gorgeous and won’t die two days after your wedding. If you’re into crystals and love the look of them, pairing a geode with a succulent arrangement will bring a fun and unique look to your table.

12. Handmade Vases
These handmade wooden vases are super cool and will look beautiful at your wedding. It makes your wedding vibe go a little more rustic and outdoorsy, plus you can attempt to make them yourself.

13. Minimal Approach
If you like being minimal, try this small arrangement of flowers and tea lights. It creates a simple and easy centerpiece that is gorgeous.

14. Clear Markers
Glass and clear table markers have been making a scene recently. They are stunning and simple, plus you can match them to your wedding look perfectly.

15. Themed Centerpiece
If your wedding is themed, then do a centerpiece to match. Similar to this which paired the couple’s popular literature.

16. Mason Jars
Mason jar has become popular for weddings for a variety of reasons. Tie it into your wedding as a nice centerpiece with a bit of burlap and some lace. It’s an easy centerpiece to do at home, but it looks beautiful.

17. Centerpiece Boxes
Centerpiece boxes filled with flowers are easy to create, look amazing, and can be done at home. The design is simple but will easily fill your table.

18. Copper Pumpkins
If you’re planning a fall wedding, try out these copper pumpkins. The copper makes them shiny and elegant, but the pumpkins bring in the fall vibe.

19. Crystal Tree
Create your aesthetic with a crystal tree. It will give off a cool and romantic feeling that is perfect for a fall or winter wedding.

20. Candle Stand
A candle stand is a beautiful centerpiece because you can dress it up or down depending on your wedding vibe.

21. Succulent Planters
Succulent planters are a simple DIY centerpiece that can be used even after the wedding. It is stunning and simple, plus it will be a fun project for your bridesmaids.

22. Hanging Centerpieces
Really go off the trend with a hanging centerpiece. Guests will feel like they are stepping into a romantic wonderland with greenery and floating lights above them.

23. Bowls of Fruit
Be unique with your centerpieces and incorporate your favorite bowls of fruit. Guests will love the different vibe, plus you can have the fruit for brunch the next morning.

24. Balloons
Balloons aren’t often seen at weddings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Set your wedding apart by adding them to your centerpiece for a fun twist.

25. Flapper Vibes
Ditch the large flower arrangement and go for something a little more you, like these flowers, are centerpieces. The flowers give off an odd-school flapper vibe and look beautiful.

26. Pampas Grass
You don’t need a large flower arrangement to get a gorgeous centerpiece. Try out pampas grass instead, it’s full and lively, perfect for a centerpiece.

27. Fairytale Centerpiece
Complete your fairytale wedding with a beautiful carriage centerpiece filled with white flowers. You can add a few candles for a romantic flair.

28. Summer Vibes
Large greenery is a great centerpiece and brings the summer vibes to your wedding.

29. Umbrella
Put a fun twist on your wedding with these fun and quirky umbrella centerpieces.

30. Pineapple Centerpiece
Pineapples are fun and colorful, the perfect accessory for your wedding. Throw them on all your tables with a few flowers for a fun centerpiece.

When it comes to centerpieces, there is a lot of creative and unique twist you can throw on your own. Depending on what you want to do, you can go simple and DIY or go elegant and all out.

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